Some Voice Affirmations (Record Your Own Using This App)

I am going to get a good night's sleep.

I am thinking about the Dirt on the Floor.

Spend a Lot of Time on the Ball

You are the Answer

My Life is Connected and Flowing.

Calm Down Thinking Coherent Sequences

Going More Slowly, I Feel More.

I am totally healthy.

I feel soft and round.

Affirming, "Yes!"

Affirming, "No!"

Thinking About Homeostasis

I see the changing pattern.

I am returning to my center.

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

Including wisdom from clear experiences.

Credit for this website goes to...


Keith Wiley, Zen Priest and Educator

Ann and Sasha (Alexander) Shulgin, Psychopharmacologists

Mark Cohen, Standing Meditator

Rabbi Lavey Derby

Knowledge of Others

Gerald Wacknov, Father

Myrna Wacknov, Mother

William and Joel Wacknov, Brothers

Jeanne, Jim, Lynn, and Kathy McDowell

Gerald, Shelley, Jeff, David, and Lisa Levitt

Shawn and Lisa Britton

School Friends

Janet, Carolyn, and Dorris, Coffee Klatch

Care of the Physical Body

Tony Wong, Tai Chi Master

Stephanie Lacarrubba, RN, LAc, QiGong Teacher

Dr. Travis Svensson, Psychiatrist

Parameters of the Spiritual Body

Margaret Cole, Computer Educator

Lloyd and Virginia Walker, K-12 Educators

Dr. Stuart Heller, PhD in Psychology, 7th Degree Black Belt

Dr. Villy Doctor, Indian Philosopher

Connecting to your Higher Self

Marilyn Ferguson, Author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

Kim Wakabayasi, Reverend of the Church of Divine Man (Berkeley Psychic Institute)

Fredric Lehrman, Author of Prosperity Consciousness


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