If you're interested in the physical world and the psychic world, there are a lot of bits of information and practices. Is it possible to arrange the basics in a 5x5 grid? 5x5 is an easy number to remember. I don't mean to leave out things that are dear to people, I'm just trying to be simple because the field can be overwhelming. Let's try to keep it together.

Let's try...

5 finger energies

5 near fields

5 realities to deal with

5 healthcare practices

5 mindfulness practices

5x5 Physical and Psychic Essentials
  1 2 3 4 5
1. Finger Energies (phases of circular repetitions) Pinky (Water: waiting, storing, seminal material for growth, unconscious, sleep, psychic worlds) Ring (Wind, inspiration, or Wood, growth) Middle (Fire, focus) Pointer (Earth, hard and it makes you change) Thumb (Metal, will power, finishing the cycle)
2. Near Fields (psychologically active locations around the body) Back down behind butt (Water) Up behind neck (Wind) Above head (Fire) Arms reach in front of face (Earth) In front of crotch, knees, legs, and feet (Metal)
3. Realities to Deal With (something to consider as actually present) Physical body (science) Physical world (money and materials) Other People "There are no other people!" (meditation) "Spiritual/Eternal Form World(s)" approached from many different traditions... and untraditional approaches
4. Healthcare Practices (basics of physically healthy living) Drink water so urine is clear and odorless Eat to have good bowel movements Cleaner proteins / fats /carbohydrates / plant nutrients If you drink coffee / tea, build up energy slowly and not after 2pm so you can have consistent sleep pattern. Be quiet with other people in nonjudgemental situations many times a week.
5. Mindfulness Practices (disciplines in sensitivity) Yoga/Tai Chi/Feldenkrais/Qigong/Etc. Step slowly all ways... think slowly and move slowly, especially when things are difficult. Step backwards often... humans are always making mistakes and need to back up. Do upper or lower body posture, toning, or mindful movment exercises every hour awake. Keep exploring, practicing, synthesizing, throwing stuff away... This "task" or "work" is never complete and the form of it is never final!


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