There are ten common states of awareness and activity which can be accessed or gotten into using simple hand gestures. There is also a body movement component to these states. The video below describes these gestures. The table below the video has specific information about each state.

10 Mudras with Body Movements


State Number Mental / Interaction State Name Brain/Body Location MUDRA to get INTO this state, or GESTURE describing it. (See videos below). Typical Affirmation for this State
1a WATER (self-focused), Being Down-and-Forward I've got to keep going and moving.
1b WATER (relationship-focused), Bending and Returning I will return when you leave.
2a WIND (self-focus), Being Back-and-Up I've got to keep thinking, or talking to myself.
2b WIND (relationship-focused), Getting out of the Way I will get out of your way.
3a FIRE (self-focus), Being Up-Front I've got to keep planning, and talking to others.
3b FIRE (relationship-focused), Meeting the Other Directly I will play your game with you.
4a GROUND (self-focused), Being Back-and-Down I've got to keep sitting here.
4b GROUND (relationship-focused), Forming a Barrier I have strong boundaries.
5a METAL (self-focused), Having the Outsider's Viewpoint I see things as others do in this situation.
5b METAL (relationship-focused), Seeing Each Others' Truth I see your truth and you see my truth.
6a SPACE (self-focused), The Originating Container I relax and empty myself.
6b SPACE (relationship-focused), The Group Relaxes We relax together.
7 ME FOCUSED ON MYSELF, Being aware Inside of Me I am important, I am significant.
8 ME FOCUSED ON YOU, Being aware Out In Front of Me You matter to me, You are important.
9 THE WORLD, Day after Day, It's the Same Thing I am in the same "boat," or situation, as everybody else.
10 GOD, Putting hands down and letting the Unknown take the next step for you.   I trust in what is next.

Application notes:

When practicing in private meditation, use the whole mudra.

When practicing in an actual situation, use a slight hand gesture that approximates the mudra, say, just stick out the main finger of the mudra a little bit, or tilt the hand(s) toward the other or yourself, or relax them.

Videos on using the Hand and Finger Postures to get into the states listed above

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