Easy Ways to Calm Down

Calming Down with Tai Chi

Calming Down with Quiet Sitting

Calming Down with Standing Meditation

Calming Down with Walking Meditation

Calming Lying, Sitting, Standing, then Walking

Calm Down Accepting the Lower Body

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Releasing Old Hurts

Being Your Inner Animal

Love Your Parents

Inner Strength Healing

Using an App for Mindfulness Meditation

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Reaching Toward Other People

Male and Female Energy

Rational and Spiritual People

Being More Friendly

Example of Tai Chi Push Hands

Reading Other People

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Care for Your Physical Body

Hypersensitivity, Part 1

Tai Chi Silkreeling

Tai Chi & QiGong SITTING


Knee Care, Part 1

Tai Chi Ball

Tai Chi Warmup

15 Minutes Total Body Tune-Up

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Exploring Your Ethereal Body


Guided Meditation Up then Down

Chakras along the Spine

Spherical Layers of Awareness

The Human 6-Element Sphere

How Do You Talk To God?

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Letting Your Best Intentions Guide You

Balance Your Five Energies in Five Minutes

The No Extremes Posture

Gathering Chi

Spiritual Knowing Sequence

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